1. The base of the Science-IT Gender Inclusion program is focused in certificate each participant with the Cybersecurity Core Foundations established by Rocheston Acreditation Institute, consisting in the following training path:
    • Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist (RCCS®).
    • Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer Level 1 (RCCE® L1).
  1. To optimize and facilitate the training process, the certification path is provided in an online format in conjunction with 8-day virtual classes, six month access to the active web portal, seminars conducted by qualified engineers, and certification exam vouchers.
  1. The participants will be granted up to three months to complete the established certification path (RCCS® + RCCE® L1).
  1. The participant will pay the base program training path once she has obtained a work position or within six months after she has started the certification process (RCCS® + RCCE® L1), whatever comes first.
  1. The payment schedule will be agreed between the participant and Science-IT accordingly.
  1. As part of the program, Science-IT in collaboration with different international women in cybersecurity organizations will provide mentorship, networking, and coaching on her career and will distribute her profile within companies and organizations that are looking for talent in Cybersecurity.
  1. Science-IT can’t guarantee that the participant will be hired but will coach her and will make visible her profile within companies that have specific requirements in Cybersecurity to support her job search and potential hiring.
  1. The program includes a membership with one of the most prestigious organization of Women in Cybersecurity in the world.
  1. Once the participant has completed the base program, Science-IT offers the mentorship and support for she to opt for a further specialization in the following Cybersecurity areas:
    • Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer Level 2 (RCCE® L2).
    • Rocheston Certified Red/Blue Pentester (RCPT®).
    • Rocheston Certified Cybercrime/Forensics Investigator (RCCI®).
    • Rocheston Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst (RCIA®).
    • Rocheston Cybersecurity Compliance Officer (RCCO®).
  1. If the participant decides to continue her cybersecurity education, Science-IT will provide a special discount or payment plans for her and will continue supporting and mentoring her career development.
  1. To be part of the program, each participant is required to send an email to gender@scienceit.global with the following information:
    • Indicate the experience or knowledge she has in IT and Cybersecurity.
    • Explain in no more than one page what are the reasons to join the Science-IT Gender Inclusion Program, with details around how she visualizes a successful career in Cybersecurity and what will be her contribution to the community as a program member.
    • Editable Resume in MS-Word format.
    • LinkedIn Profile.
    • Two professional and two personal references.
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