Gender Inclusion

Women Gender Gap in Cybersecurity

Males historically and currently dominate the Cybersecurity field. Think about the stereotypical archetype of an ethical hacker or cyber warrior. The image conjured is usually a man in a hoodie-wearing an Anonymous mask, hunched over his computer in the early hours of the morning. This pervasive image sets an incorrect assumption that the skill sets required for Cybersecurity jobs are gendered. Unfortunately, this assumption factors into women occupying around 10% of jobs in the Cybersecurity field as stated previously.

And it’s a perception reinforced when women who pursue tech careers do, indeed, turn out to be just a few in the team and when this happens, work culture can get stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle of unconscious bias were, consciously or not, people tend to hire and promote people who are like them, so the way to change the industry is for more women to get in and break down these barriers.


Why We Need More Women in Cybersecurity?

It is estimated that governments and enterprises require more than 1 million security jobs worldwide, not just as a staffing issue, but also as a matter of national security in all countries, and women can help us solve the problem quickly.

Science-IT can help to educate particularly women about the fact that Cybersecurity jobs cover a vast and diverse amount of positions that even they require computer science skills and computer programming or networking engineering skills, employment in a position with those requirements does not mean you have to wear a hoodie and code all day or be stuck with wires and cables.

Cybersecurity is hype in the real world, even when in media it’s still depicted as dark and weird, we need to change that for all women because the negative stereotypes and miscommunications are hurting everyone.

Our goal is to empower women and girls interested in Cybersecurity by providing certification, mentoring and networking services and developing workshops in schools and universities to attract young talent to remove roadblocks and obstacles throughout the life-cycle of their careers, helping them too to find and obtain jobs that traditionally are offered to men.

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