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How to Create Awareness and Reduce the Gender Talent Gap in Cybersecurity?

When we refer to today’s technological threats is common to relate to how this affects companies and enterprises in their economic activities, with stunning statistics as follows:

  • There’s a cyber-attack every 39 seconds.
  • Only 38% of global organizations claim they’re prepared to handle a sophisticated cyber-attack.
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches trace back to human error.
  • Over 14 billion data records have been lost or stolen since 2013, and the number increases every day.

But today, if one person is online, this means he/she is visible around the world — and with more than 10 billion internet-connected devices, opportunities for hackers abound. In 2017 alone, 179 million records where exposed, and nowadays, one in every 15 people will become a victim of identity theft — children included.


Children are openly and publicly communicating with each other using social media platforms and other means, and sometimes this type of communication can be explicit, negative, or hurtful, without considering the consequences. A damaging digital footprint can harm a young person’s professional career and future relationships.

Cyberbullying is an increasing problem, with research showing that victims often remain quiet, as they fear being denied use of social media by their parents/guardians, that is why we need to develop Cybersecurity awareness strategies in all levels of the productive chain (Enterprises, Employees, Families, Children).

In the other hand, if we compare today with the 1950s, we can say that women in many countries have better access to education and the workplace, however, in the world of technology and, specifically in Cybersecurity, there still seems to be a huge abysm to achieve parity of the sexes as reports showing that women represent around 10% of the global security workforce.

“Cyber attacks is the biggest threat to mankind; even more of a threat than nuclear weapons

Warren Buffett

Our Social Programs

Science-IT objective is to create awareness and reduce gender’s talent gap in CyberSecurity making a positive impact in the world through:

  • Provide workshops in companies, schools, and universities to talk about the risks and challenges around Cybersecurity in our life.
  • Provide families with the tools that allow parents and children to alerts and helps safeguard against bullying, negative or explicit updates from being made public.
  • Training, mentoring and networking women in the Cybersecurity arena.
  • Help women in finding opportunities on Cybersecurity positions.

Through partnering with governments, enterprises, schools/universities, and associations that will help to enable these goals, Science-IT is ready to provide the bases for more responsible and secure use of the technology in our day to day activities.

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