Sales and Marketing

Why Get Certified in Sales and Marketing ?

About 20% of adult professionals around the world are involved in sales and marketing, and moreover every company worldwide requires sales and marketing professionals.

Digital Marketing is undoubtedly the fastest growing segment in sales and marketing. It supports and interacts with all other aspects of Sales and Marketing  like Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Digital Marketing, Corporate Sales, Branding and Advertising, and Retail Marketing.

SMstudy® certifications are based on a process-oriented approach which will enable you to effectively plan, implement, and manage Sales and Marketing activities in your organization.


The SMstudy® Guide describes six Aspects of Sales and Marketing that are aligned to the six most common and often distinct career fields related to Sales and Marketing. The Six Aspects included in the SMstudy® Guide are Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Corporate Sales, Marketing Research, Branding and Advertising and Retail Marketing. Together, these six Aspects cover every topic related to Sales and Marketing and form the most comprehensive guide on the subject.

For Individuals

Growing use of different Marketing and Sales techniques has created a great demand for certified professionals in the job market as our students will gain an understanding of the buyer decision making process and what influences buyer behavior.

For Faculty/Colleges and Universities

Faculty in the Sales and Marketing and Information Technology domains should have a very good understanding of the most advanced industry techniques as it supports and interacts with all the aspects of the sales cycle.

For Organizations

Certified professionals help in ensuring that the organization’s Sales and Marketing activities are process-oriented and consistent with all aspects of the sales objectives.

Certification Hierarchy


Our Certifications

Corporate Sales
Corporate Sales outlines the best practices and processes for effective business-to-business (B2B) sales. Science-IT SMstudy®‘s Corporate Sales certifications confirm a working knowledge of a framework for effectively managing the corporate sales efforts in any organization.
Marketing Strategy
In order for products and brands to be successful they first need well-planned marketing strategies to ensure they satisfy the goals set by the Corporate Marketing Strategy or Business Unit/Geographic Strategies. Science-IT SMstudy®‘s Marketing Strategy Certifications confirm a working knowledge of a framework for effectively managing the Marketing Strategy of any organization.
Marketing Research
Marketing Research is the systematic process of collecting, processing and analyzing data to provide necessary information to decision makers. Science-IT SMstudy®‘s Marketing Research Certifications confirm a working knowledge of a framework for effectively conducting research that provides critical insights for decisions in all other marketing planning and strategies.
Digital Marketing
Modern-day digital marketers are expected to be skilled in a variety of areas, including analytics, copywriting, creative direction, sales, digital media as Digital Marketing is undoubtedly the fastest growing segment in Sales and Marketing. Science-IT SMstudy®‘s Digital Marketing Certifications confirm gaining a basic understanding of a framework that helps to identify the most effective marketing channels for an organization’s products or services.
Other Elements of Digital Marketing
Apart from the four levels of certification for Digital Marketing, Science-IT also provides six additional SMstudy® certifications on specific aspects of Digital Marketing – Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Marketing, Popular Social Media Platforms, Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
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