Negotiation Management

Why Get Certified in Negotiation Management ?

Negotiation occurs in every facet of life. You negotiate all the time, be it in your personal or professional life. It could be a simple negotiation, such as getting your kids to do what you want, buying a gift for your spouse, talking with your travel agent, etc. or a complex negotiation, such as buying a house or car, negotiating for a job or promotion, or negotiating multi-million dollar deals for your company.

Whether it is a simple or complex negotiation, the process of negotiation and the skills involved are fundamentally the same. So, understanding the process and improving the skills will enable you to negotiate better deals. Imagine how much can be gained from becoming a good negotiator, even minor improvements in your negotiation skills could bring huge returns on your investment.


The negotiation process, which goes beyond just numbers, details and data collection. A skilled negotiator deals with various aspects, from running in-depth analyses of issues to determining how to deal with a specific party.This course gives you insights into the process of negotiation, and the best practices you should adopt to be a skilled negotiator.

Science-IT NGstudy certified professionals have a better understanding of negotiation. They are able to negotiate better and gain better deals for themselves and their organizations. They have knowledge pertaining to various tools and techniques used in negotiation which can be used to negotiate better deals as well as to train others to negotiate.

Certification Hierarchy


Our Certifications

NGstudy™ Certified Negotiation Associate

Science-IT NGstudy Certified Negotiation Associate (NCN-A) certification is tailored to help anyone interested in learning about the key concepts of negotiation and getting a basic understanding of Negotiation Aspects and Processes, as defined in the NBOK™ Guide.

NGstudy™ Certified Negotiation Professional

Science-IT NGstudy Certified Negotiation Professional (NCN-P) certification course is tailored to help anyone interested to know about all the processes—Inputs, Tools and Outputs, related to single-issue negotiation, as defined in the NBOK™ Guide.

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