Cyber Technology

Why Get Certified in Cybertech ?

The Science-IT Rocheston Cybertech programs include a vast range of smart technologies, from the Internet of Things, to automation, robotics, blockchain engineering, big data, augmented reality and artificial intelligence that can be used in sectors like the finance and banking sectors can benefit immensely from these programs on cybertechnology.

Our Certifications

Rocheston Certified IoT Engineer (RCIE®)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a widespread network that connects everyday objects to the Internet, enabling them to interact with each other and exchange data. Simply put, the IoT is a concept that allows any device that can be switched on and off to be connected to the Internet.

A Rocheston Certified IoT Engineer will be trained in the various disciplines required to navigate the challenges of the Internet of Things revolution. The course provides an understanding and an insight into developments in networking, data management and analytics, communication devices, embedded systems, and user interface design.

In the RCPT® program you will learn about the following skills:

  • IoT Concepts.
  • IoT Infrastructure.
  • Network Architecture and Design.
  • Deep Learning.
  • IoT Programming Languages.
  • IoT Cloud Storage Data.
  • Smart Cities.
  • Big Data Analytics.
  • IoT Architect.
Rocheston Certified Big Data Analyst (RCBDA®)

Every major industry all over the world is experiencing a data boom today. And with great power, comes great responsibility. With this data explosion, businesses are concerned with managing and handling the totality of raw data. Big Data can be seen as related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the same way that Automation and Robotics are to Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Big Data has a huge role to play in society’s progress and innovation. It has altered how individuals conduct business and its usefulness is only restricted by human creativity. Students, professionals, and businesses alike can utilize predictive analysis and other Big Data techniques for organizational efficiency, and a competitive edge irrespective of industry size.

The Big Data analyst will have a broad understanding and knowledge of real-time analytics and business intelligence platforms. They should be capable of working with SQL databases and should know several programming languages. Besides, they will also have a working knowledge of statistical software packages. Knowledge of Hadoop and MapReduce is also essential. With the use of scripting languages, an RCDBA® will be able to produce new insights from data sources.

An RCBDA® is an interface between organizations and information processing systems. They use ML (machine learning), data analytics, and AI (Artificial intelligence) to assess the technical performance of an enterprise. His/Her work is a critical asset across various industry sectors and can take on a wide variety of roles in business with skills in NoSQL, apache Hadoop, machine learning, data visualization, apache-spark, programming languages, quantitative analysis, problem-solving, SQL, and data mining.

Rocheston Certified Block Chain Engineer (RCBE®)

A Rocheston Certified Blockchain Engineer (RCBE®) will identify opportunities for transformation/disruption through blockchain. This includes emerging opportunities in cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and DAOs. An RCBE will also develop enterprise-focused use-case and determine blockchain governance, business models, business operations, customer experience, and partner/channel impacts.

They will develop the blockchain Lean Canvas and Blockchain business case for the Proof-of-Concept/MVP development and will establish blockchain expertise as a distinct and self-regulating profession.

An RCBE® will create and support a Secure Data Sharing Network, Internal Communications Network, and sustainable Cybersecurity Ecosystem for their corporations. They will provide training and support to their peers in terms of navigating Blockchain and will bring about a highly scalable and accessible Blockchain model to enable the company to grow faster than ever.

They will identify and provide inherent value for future Blockchain solutions and tokens through technological innovation through the following skills:

  • Learn to lead business outcomes.
  • Embrace blockchain expertise as a service.
  • Master of interoperability.
  • Distributed ledger expertise.
  • Become a “T” shape person.
  • Understand platforms.
  • Understand blockchain security.
  • Learn to simplify.
  • Drive blockchain architecture patterns.
  • Know standards and ecosystems.

Maintaining Certification

A Rocheston Cyber Technology certificate should be renewed within two calendar years of its issue date.

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