Cyber Innovations

Why Get Certified in Cyber Innovations ?

Innovation is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the future of global markets, sustainability, and productivity. Successful businesses do not focus their actions on the present but instead on the possibilities of the future.

Rocheston’s Science-IT innovation program is designed along similar lines as innovation touches us with every phone call, every drive home, every wash cycle, and all the while not even realizing it.

Most of the time, we find ourselves so weighed down by the intricacies and problems of today in the world of economics and business, that we often miss the bigger picture. Innovation training can pull one’s head out of the water, and into the world of endless possibilities.

Innovation is not merely putting two and two together. It is the process of understanding whether the question seeks the sum of the two, or asks for an equation to define four. In the latter, your possibilities are endless.

Our Certifications

Rocheston Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO®)

The CCIO® is an innovative certification program that will cultivate an innate sense of reasoning, critical thinking, and out of the box ideation process. The course will mold and sharpen your innovative abilities, collaborative techniques, and creative capabilities, guiding you towards excellence in your business.

The program is a comprehensive course designed to impart the best of knowledge and to understand Innovation to extend beyond the framework of the program and building a global standard for innovation.

The CCIO program has been carefully designed and tailored to suit varying needs. It is centered on comprehensive and versatile modules designed to impart the knowledge on the key aspects of innovation through interactive and alternative methods, the course’s outline will be based on the following sessions:

  • Problem Statement – Educational Drawbacks.
  • Game-Changing Innovations.
  • Innovation Companies – Examples and Case Studies.
  • Ideas, Creativity and Innovation.
  • Idea Generation Tools.
  • Innovation and Disruptive Thinking.
  • Innovation and Leadership.
  • Discipline on Innovation.
  • Innovation Killers.
  • Creative Thinking Techniques.
  • Design Thinking, Aesthetics and Look & Feel.
  • Building Creative Brands.

Maintaining Certification

A Rocheston Cyber Innovation certificate should be renewed within two calendar years of its issue date.

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