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Science-IT E-Commerce Project Development

As E-Commerce and official Shopify Experts, Science-IT offers a variety of services to bring your business online.

Our focus relies on maximizing the online store features to help drive your revenue and improve your customer experience.

We enable the best online business practices to ensure your product pages convince users to add items to their shopping cart and then, most importantly, guide them to complete the checkout process. Part of this process includes conducting A/B test designs to lower cart abandonment.

Science-IT provides professional E-Commerce project development starting with the initial design phase to develop the appropriate look and feel for your brand and the design hierarchy for your user experience.


We structure the project requirements to allow us to interact directly with our customers to test and tweak their site to make your sales conversion optimal.

Our main target is to help you to increase your monthly online sales by 40% at the end of 6 months.

As proud Shopify Experts, we are among an elite group of developers who have been strictly trained and approved by Shopify to integrate our design and development services into their application and tools, confirming our knowledge around e-commerce trends, functionality, customer behavior, and online store design.

Our objective is to transform your underperforming shopping site into a full-scale 24*7 sales engine explosion just by improving your customer’s online shopping experience.


Our Services

Science-IT is the trusted advisor for companies that wish to create and manage professional and effective online stores, tailored to your business and company philosophy.

Sell anywhere at any time and be supported according to your sales needs. Whether it’s Day 1 or 1000, Science-IT has you covered. Our E-Commerce services include:

  • Store design and implementation
  • Stores migration from WooCommerce to Shopify
  • Sales data analysis
  • Multilingual stores
  • Payment gateways setup and management
  • Sales channels and social networks
  • Automated bots
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