Our Company

Science-IT is an international strategic professional consultancy services company headquartered in Canada aiming to generate solutions and impact in our customer’s operation through process innovation.

Founded in Mexico in 2010, our initial focus was to provide project management and secure software development solutions for corporate business. Our success enabled us to expand our operations to the United States in 2013.

With the experience gained in the use of internationally recognized methodologies enabled us to develop a proprietary consultancy methodology for Project Management, Software Development, and Testing Services, allowing us to start the Education and E-Commerce business units in 2016.


The same year we moved our corporate offices to Canada and added the Cybersecurity Services business line into our product portfolio along with the establishment of a corporate initiative for social impact programs with the objective support the reduction of the women gender’s gap in Cybersecurity and to create awareness for the safe use of technology and promote safe corporate environments free of bullying.

In 2019 we decided to rebrand our services under the Science-IT name to show our evolution and commitment to excellence in the IT world.

Our Experience

Our experience in technology, banking, aeronautics, navy, and construction, provide experience and knowledge to respond to our customer’s requirements with the help of our Strategic Consulting Process Methodology helps us to face any challenge to fulfill their most demanding expectations.

Our Promise

Our Strategic Consulting Process Methodology provides your company with a defined set of rules and procedures focused on delivering steady constant benefits for your organization, based on your business strategy aligning the project to your company goals.

Our Partners

Science-IT has developed strategic alliances with some of the most trusted names in the education, e-commerce, and IT spaces. Our combined expertise provides end-customers with best-in-class solutions and services.

We also have partnered with the leaders in the social interest areas to deliver a true impact in the society.

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